Are you wondering why police checks are required by your organisation? Here are five key reasons it’s wise for organisations to conduct them.

Company Culture

The driving force behind the success of your business is the people. Therefore, they are your most important asset, so morale and engagement needs to be looked after! 

Potential employees should have a clear understanding of your company’s values and how they shape the culture. By conducting a thorough police check, you are demonstrating to all potential employees that you take the safety of your people very seriously. It sets a precedent and shows that your organisation doesn’t open its doors to anyone.

Attract and Retain

To foster a high-performance culture, your company needs to attract and retain the right people with top talent!

Having a thorough screening process in places demonstrates that your organisation takes recruiting seriously and don’t like to waste time. This is reassuring for your potential employees as it means they will be working in a fast-moving, energetic environment.


The ramifications to reputational damage can have very grave consequences to your business. When you and your employees are at work, you want to be surrounded by colleagues, knowing that you’re safe and that your company guards and protects its reputation. 

Conducting police checks can help a company minimise risk and spot and avoid potential opportunities for internal crime.

Data and Assets

In the current age of information, data is one of the most valuable assets for many companies. When someone is inside an organisation, they often have easy access to company data and data on all customers. 
Businesses have a huge responsibility in protecting that data, and a breach is even more serious with the Australian Government’s Notifiable Data Breaches scheme coming into effect in 2018.


Recruiting and training employees is an expensive and time-consuming task, so ensuring that you select the right candidate for a role is important from both an economic and cultural standpoint. 

Many studies have revealed that turnover costs related to replacing and training an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to up to 2 times the employee’s annual salary. It’s not just the monetary cost of advertising, interviewing, screening, hiring and onboarding a new person to consider. Other less tangible effects on the wider organisation include lost productivity, loss of engagement from other employees and cultural impact. 

Investing in pre-employment screening delivers sizeable value for money.

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